Positive Behavior Interventions & Support

It's a pleasure to welcome you to a brand new school year at Edison Elementary! We are excited to be involved in learning with your child, and look forward to a very positive year. We are excited to start our seventh year as a Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) School. This program is designed to educate all children on appropriate social skills and to prevent inappropriate behavior. This defining, teaching, and supporting of appropriate student behavior creates a positive school environment for all.

What is PBIS at Edison?
It is a positive approach to school-wide discipline. This program is meant to reinforce the positive behaviors of students doing what is expected of them, as well as support students who need extra assistance. At Edison, we expect our students to be Safe, On-Task, Act Responsible, and Respect Self and Others - in other words, we want them to SOAR!! The goal is to decrease the number of discipline referrals, which will increase the amount of instructional time our students will receive. Through this process we will be consistently and continuously defining, teaching, reinforcing, and monitoring positive behaviors.

In this booklet, you will find a copy of Edison's Matrix, which is an easy to read list of what we, as a staff, expect of all students in all areas of the building. The language that we've used on the matrix is important, and matches what we, as a staff will be using to communicate with your student. The consistency will allow students to be familiar and understand the expectations for their behavior in all settings of the school, no matter which adult is monitoring behavior. Creating an environment where all adults are using the same common language will make the expectations clear to the students. Please look over the matrix and discuss with your child.

You will also find a copy of the Office Discipline Referral form in this packet, which is what the referring adult would send to the office with your student. The information on this form helps our administration to determine who the referral is being written about, where the issues are occurring, what time they're happening, and who else may be involved. This information can help us to determine if there are things that we can change to help the students to be more successful as they strive to have positive behavior. We have also included the motivation, as this is important in helping the team develop a plan for those students that need extra support.

Students will earn EAGLE GOLD and EAGLE BLUE for exhibiting appropriate behaviors. EAGLE GOLD and EAGLE BLUE can be given to any student, by any staff member, at any time. EAGLE GOLD will be awarded to individual students for his/her individual behavior and EAGLE BLUE will be given to an entire class for appropriate class behaviors. Some examples of the ways that your student can earn EAGLE GOLD and BLUE are:

  • Students will earn EAGLE GOLD and BLUE by following any or all of our focus to SOAR - Safe, On Task, Act Responsible, and Respecting Self and Others.
  • Each classroom will set up their own procedure for students' to keep track of their EAGLE GOLD and BLUE.
  • Students will be able to redeem their EAGLE GOLD and EAGLE BLUE regularly within their classroom Eagle Store.
  • By earning EAGLE GOLD and BLUE, students will be able to qualify for special quarterly celebrations. For example, last year our celebrations included movie days, popcorn and popsicle parties, and other activity days.

As we continue on this journey with PBIS, we encourage you to read through this booklet and talk with your student about the importance of positive behavior both at home and at school. Studies have shown that when positive language is used at school, positive behaviors not only increase there, but at home as well!

As always, if you have questions or suggestions, please contact one of the PBIS team or the office. Our faculty and staff look forward to working with you to help your child have a very successful school year!

Thank you,

Edison Positive Behavior Support Team -- Misty Burright, Wendy Nagle, Katie Bishop, Kim Dilley, Denise Price, Matthew Robertson, & Dlo DuVall.

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